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Sindrome di Stendhal, La was released in the year 1996。Sindrome di Stendhal, La is also called as Viagem ao Inferno, The Stendhal Syndrome, Syndrome de Stendhal, Syndrome, Stendhals syndrom, Stendahl-syndrooma, Síndrome Mortal, Stendhal's Syndrome, Arte de matar

Dario Argento's thriller stars the director's daughter Asia as Anna Manni, a policewoman trying to capture a vicious serial rapist and killer. The problem is that she suffers from "Stendhal's syndrome", a psychosomatic disease that gives her dizziness and hallucinations when she is exposed to the sight of paintings and artistic masterpieces. When the maniac lures her into a trap inside Florences' famous Uffizi museum, her troubles are just beginning...

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