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Situation hoffnungslos was released in the year 1965。Situation hoffnungslos is also called as Situation Hopeless... But Not Serious, Situación desesperada, pero menos, Situation désespérée... mais pas sérieuse, Lage hoffnungslos - aber nicht ernst, Situationen hopplös - men ej allvarlig, Situazione disperata ma non seria, Tilanne toivoton mutta ei vakava, aber nicht ernst

During World War II, two Americans are forced to bail out and parachute into a small German town. Herr Frick, being equal parts patriotic and lonely, keeps them as prisoners of war in his bomb shelter. While his prisoners go stir crazy, Herr Frick must decide if he's willing to lose their companionship by letting them know the war has ended.

Situation hoffnungslos Actors and Actresses

Situation hoffnungslos actors and actresses include Alec Guinness

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