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Sleeping with the Enemy was released in the year 1991。Sleeping with the Enemy is also called as Noci s neprí, I seng med fjenden, Fiende i min säng, Feind in meinem Bett, Egy ágyban az ellenséggel, Durmiendo con su enemigo, Durmiendo con el enemigo, A letto con il nemico, Dormindo com o Inimigo

Laura and Martin have been married for four years. They seem to be the perfect, happiest and most successful couple. The reality of their house- hold, however, is very different. Martin is an abusive and brutally obsessed husband. Laura is living her life in constant fear and waits for a chance to escape. She finally stages her own death, and flees to a new town and new identity. But when Martin finds out that his wife is not dead he will stop at nothing to find and kill her.

Sleeping with the Enemy Actors and Actresses

Sleeping with the Enemy actors and actresses include Kyle Secor, Patrick Bergin, Patt Noday

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