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Snoops was released in the year 1999。Snoops is also called as "Snoops", Spie, Snoops - Charmant und brandgefährlich, Eliittietsivät

In this detective series with a comical note, Glenn Hall runs an unconventional flashy Private Detective's agency in LA, and means business above all, never mind the rules if she can get around them. Although her ex, police Detective Greg McCormack, now has a dim view of her and her operations, his LAPD connection often come in handy. Investigator Manny Lott (not the only one) is young and charming enough to get where a regular P.I. wouldn't, but often wrestles with his sensitive conscience. The quite varied cases often lead to crime connections, so danger is on the lurk, and some clients are at least as shady as the suspects, partners etc. they want investigated.

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