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Snow was released in the year 2001。Snow is also called as Out Cold, Cool Border, Eis kalt, Out cold - kylmää meininkiä, Pirados por la nieve, 10 to 1, Sex and Sun, Snowbiz!, Ten to One, Vague de froid

Bull Mountain, Alaska, is a no frills ski resort, and the staff is a bunch of partying snowboard bums. The late founder, Papa Muntz, was famed for skiing with his backside exposed, and in fact is so memorialized by a statue. But his son, Ted, plans to sell the resort to hotshot ski mogul John Majors, who starts turning it into a slick resort, which of course has no room for most of the staff. The exception is Rick, the most serious of the bunch. But there's a complication: Rick met Majors' stepdaughter Anna on vacation in Mexico, and he's never gotten over a crush he had on her, even though she's about to marry a great guy. And Rick is also fiercely loyal to his friends.

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