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Snow Falling on Cedars was released in the year 1999。Snow Falling on Cedars is also called as Sneen faller på se, Snö faller på cederträden, der auf Zedern fällt, Schnee, Neve cade sui cedri, Neve Sobre os Cedros, Lumi peittää setripuut, Neige tombait sur les cèdres, Mientras nieva sobre los cedros

Carl, a fisherman in the waters off Washington state, has been found dead, drowned in own nets, but with a serious head wound. Was he murdered? Post-war anti-Japanese sentiments are still running high, and the local Japanese community provides a murder suspect in the form of Kabuo, another fisherman, who had a grudge against Carl's family. Ishmael, the small town's newspaperman, may have the information that would acquit Kabuo, but can he ever put his jilted love for Hatsue (Kabuo's wife) aside?

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