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Soapdish was released in the year 1991。Soapdish is also called as Sopa de jab&#243, Segredos de uma Novela, Saippuakuplia, Lieblingsfeinde - Eine Seifenoper, Lieblingsfeinde, Escándalo en el plató, Buoat Shel Sabon, Bolle di sapone, Babka z zakalcem, Älsklingsfiende

Celeste Talbert has been the queen of the soaps for over two decades. Montana Moorehead needs to get her out of her way before she can move on and begins her program to get her to leave. She hires an old boyfriend of Celeste to be on the show and has Celeste become a murderer in the script, but each attempt has unforseen consequences.

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