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Soldier in the Rain(1963) Images

Soldier in the Rain was released in the year 1963。Soldier in the Rain is also called as Soldato sotto la pioggia, Dernière bagarre

Sentemental military comedy revolves around two contemporary army buddies, Master Sergeant Maxwell Slaughter (Jackie Gleason), a smooth operator, who supply Sergeant Eustis Clay (Steve McQueen) idolizes and hopes will join him as a civilian in a private business enterprise. Clay endeavors to be a player in the military, just like Slaughter, but it seems as though Clay still has a lot to learn from his mentor. They are joined by Tuesday Weld as a shrill dizzy blonde teenager named Bobby Jo Pepperdine and Tony Bill as bumbling Private First Class Jerry Meltzer, McQueen's screwball sidekick.

Soldier in the Rain Actors and Actresses

Soldier in the Rain actors and actresses include Tom Poston, Tuesday Weld

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