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Something Wild was released in the year 1986。Something Wild is also called as Dangereuse sous tous rapports, Dzika namietnosc, Gefährliche Freundin, I vildaste laget, Algo salvaje, Qualcosa di travolgente, Selvagem e Perigosa, Vaarallinen tyttöystävä, Mushehoo Pra'ee

The uneventful life of business-man Charles Driggs suddenly changes when he meets the wild and sexy Lulu. When he accepts her offer to drive him back to his office, she instead takes him out of town and on a trip, leaving behind his old life. Posing as a married couple, Charles and Audrey (which turns out to be Lulu's real name) visit her mother and her highschool reunion. At this reunion they meet Audrey's violent ex-husband Ray, who's just released from jail. When Ray makes it clear that he wants Audrey back, that's when the real trouble begins.

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