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Sorry, Haters was released in the year 2005。Sorry, Haters is also called as Untitled Post-9/11 Cab Drama, America dopo

Ashade is a Syrian chemist who drives a cab in New York City and looks after his French-speaking sister-in-law and her child while they seek the release of Ashade's brother, a Canadian citizen grabbed at JFK by US intelligence and rendered to Syria. One night, Ashade takes a fare to New Jersey and back, a high-strung woman who says her name is Philly and that she's a producer of reality TV including "Sorry, Haters," an envy-stoking show about the wealth of the stars. Philly pushes into Ashade's life and promises help from a lawyer, but then simply takes Ashade's savings. His discovering who she really is and his attempts to get his life back take the rest of the film.

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