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Speed Zone! was released in the year 1989。Speed Zone! is also called as Bojos del cannonball 3, Cannonball Fever, Cannonball Run III, A Corrida Mais Louca do Mundo 3, Cannonball-Fieber - Auf dem Highway geht's erst richtig los, Carrera de locos III, Corsa più pazz, Cannonball Speed Zone

Our racers are back for a third time in Speed Zone, a continuation of cannonball run 1 and 2. It's the illegal race that takes place over the United States. Nothing will stop this bunch of racers except for the occasional cop or a damsel in distress. Jackie Chan's car is not in this one, but many new cars make up for that. Who will win? Who will crash? Who will not even finish? Sit down and buckle up for the ride of your life.

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