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Splendor in the Grass was released in the year 1961。Splendor in the Grass is also called as Clamor do Sexo, Esplendor na Relva, Feber i blodet, Fièvre dans le sang, Esplendor en la hierba, Kuumetta veressä, Pyretos sto aima, Splendore nell'erba, Splendour in the Grass, Fieber im Blut

Deanie would risk everything to be with Bud. Bud is afraid of his father, the most powerful man in a small Kansas town in 1928. Deanie will have to wait until Bud spends four years at Yale. In the meantime he can't spend a lot of time with her, because Deanie isn't that kind of girl. His sister Ginny, back from Chicago, is a constant reminder just how bad a bad girl can be.

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