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S.S. Doomtrooper was released in the year 2006。S.S. Doomtrooper is also called as Batallón de los super soldados

It is somewhat of a love movie. But a G.M. soldier is 'invented' by a Nazi scientist. The soldier is a big zombie that has electric powers. Of course, it takes the whole movie to stop it. That is a prototype, but they are making even more. The monster is nearly impossible to defeat, but it is eventually stopped by a fearless soldier. The soldier dies in the process of killing the nearly unstoppable soldier, and three people make it out alive. The soldier, mad and ferocious, ends up killing some Nazi soldiers in the chaos. And of course, it does not stop there. It kills its monster and destroys the castle with its own explosion. So, the female and male soldiers end up falling in love.

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