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Still Life (2001/I)(1941) Images

Still Life (2001/I) was released in the year 1941。

This award-winning independent digital feature details the trials and tribulations of four student photographers who collaborate on one final project before graduation. Caught sharing photos in their portfolios, David (Jamie Sinsz), Karma (Natalie Roers), Danny (Zak Jeffries), and Kevin (Michael Caloia) are given a chance to save their final grade before graduation. Danny returns home that night to find his fiance Stephanie in bed with another man. Unnoticed and enraged, he photographs them in the act, and shares the picture with the others. Inspired by the raw nature of the photograph, the four friends agree to use it as the thesis for their new portfolio... capturing subjects at their most vulnerable. Soon, their exploitative behavior begins to tear apart their lives and relationships, and they must come to terms with the harsh truths of their lives through the lens of a camera.

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