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Stolthed og lidenskab was released in the year 1957。Stolthed og lidenskab is also called as The Pride and the Passion, Ylpeys ja in, Trots en hartstocht, Stolthet och passion, Orgulho e Paixão, Orgoglio e passione, Stolz und Leidenschaft, Orgullo y pasión, Orgueil et passion

The story in this movie deals with the perseverance of Spaniards to take back their country from the French who have conquered Spain under Napoleon as he marched over Europe. A huge cannon, perhaps the largest in the world at that time, is discarded by the army as they retreat from the French invaders. A "ragtag" group of Spanish loyalists find "The Gun" (C.S. Forester's book title) and begin to restore it so they may tow it across Spain to the French stronghold in Avila and use it to open the giant walls for an invasion. Luckily Britain has sent Cary Grant to retrieve the cannon for England so they can have it to fight the French also AND to make sure that the French don't get the gun! Shoemaker Frank Sinatra, with a so-so Spanish accent, and his voluptuous girl friend Sophia Loren are the leaders of the peasants trying to get the gun to Avila. Cary can't get help to get the giant gun back to his ship without the peasants and Frank won't help him unless they all go blast Avila open first. Cary has the knowledge needed to fire the weapon and Frank leads the manpower which can move the huge cannon so a deal is struck to go to Avila and then help will be provided to get the gun to the English ship. The story follows the hardships and struggles of moving such a giant weapon across Spain and how it has to be hidden from the French. The crowds of Spanish extras are overwhelming and would now be done via computer imaging so enjoy a mid-fifties real movie with real people as you struggle along with the peasants led by "The Voice" and handsome Cary Grant AND beautiful Sophia Loren. This movie is a great spectacle produced and directed by Stanley Kramer and well worth the price of a DVD. Frank Sinatra was at the height of his movie making because of the Oscar he won for "From Here To Eternity" but the Spanish accent seemed to be a real stretch in this film. I loved it anyway!

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