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Stóra planið was released in the year 2007。Stóra planið is also called as The Higher Force

Ever since David lost his little brother on a holiday trip and later his mother to suicide, he knew that he was only being taught by something he calls 'The Higher Force' - a benevolent Force that will lead him to self-discovery as someone great, even though he's just a debt-collector at the moment and his girlfriend has recently thrown him out. David believes that the Higher Force has lead him to his Master when he meets his new land-lord Harald, a lonely sadistic elementary school teacher who feels David's need for guidance and becomes his mentor. Though neither of them know what is actually being learned or taught, they both know it's of great importance. When Harald discovers that David is a debt-collector he starts to act like the crime-lord of Iceland - When David tells his gang that he knows Ice-lands kingpin who 'pretends' to be a lonely school teacher - he is asked to spy on Harald with a devastating result - though David knows that it's all part of the Higher Force.

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