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Strada, La(1954) Images

Strada, La was released in the year 1954。Strada, La is also called as Tie, The Road, Országúton, Landeveien, La strada - landsvägen, Gza, A Estrada da Vida, A Estrada, Strada, Lied der Straße

Gelsomina is sold by her very poor mother to Zampano, an itinerant strongman. She follows him on the road ("la strada") and helps him during his shows. Zampano ill treats her. She meets "The Fool", a funambulist. She feels like going with him, but he puts confusion in her mind by pointing out that perhaps Zampano is in fact in love with her ...

Strada, La Actors and Actresses

Strada, La actors and actresses include Giulietta Masina, Richard Basehart

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