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Stripes was released in the year 1981。Stripes is also called as Recrutas da Pesa, Røven af 4. division, Pelotão Chanfrado, Jocul de-a armata, Ich glaub' mich knutscht ein Elch!, Pelotón chiflado, Lumparkompisar, Natsat, Bleus

Thanks to a run of bad luck and go-nowhere jobs, John convinces Russell to join the army so they can get in shape, likening it to a health spa. Once in boot camp, wiseguy John tangles with his by-the-book Sgt. and becomes the unofficial leader for his platoon, made up mostly of other misfits and assorted losers. After somehow making it through graduation, they are given a special assignment but, thanks to John's romantic interest in a pretty MPO, the other men wind up behind the Iron Curtain until John, Russell, their dates and Sgt. Hulka make a daring rescue attempt in explosive style.

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