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Sugar & Spice was released in the year 2001。Sugar & Spice is also called as Bad Girls, Cream Cheese, Dulces y peligrosas, Ingenuas y peligrosas, Atraídas Pelo Perigo, Insolite sospette, Kuka on cool?, Pomme et cannelle, Sugar and Sp, Insolite sospette - Sugar & Spice

After Diane Weston, the popular head cheerleader of Lincoln High School's A-squad, becomes pregnant by the star football quarterback Jack Bartlett, Diane and her four cheerleader teammates, Kansas, Cleo, Lucy, Hannah, as well as newcomer Fern, plan the perfect bank robbery to support her and Jack after their parents financially cut them off. But neither Diane nor her friends expect their bitter rival Lisa, the head cheerleader of Lincoln's B-squad, to suspect them with their plan.

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