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Summer Holiday was released in the year 1963。Summer Holiday is also called as Vacances d'été, Vacaciones de verano, Nuoret hurjat lomalla, Mocidade em Férias, Letnie wakacje, Holiday für dich und und mich

4 London Bus mechanics strike up a deal with London Transport. They do up a double decker London Bus, drive it around Europe as a hotel and if they make it they will own and be in charge of a whole fleet. While on the road in France they pick up 3 ladies whose car breaks down and offer to take them to their next job in Rome. They also pick up a stowaway. A young, American boy. Meanwhile, a young American female singer has gone missing. Her mother does all she can to find her, including hiring a detective. We find out out young American boy is actually the young American girl who is missing. Mayhem ensues as The lead character, Don (Cliff Richard) falls for the young boy/girl, the bus is diverted to various, dangerous situations and all with a backdrop of song.

Summer Holiday Actors and Actresses

Summer Holiday actors and actresses include Cliff Richard

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