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Supernenas: La película was released in the year 2002。Supernenas: La película is also called as The Powerpuff Girls, Supers nanas - The powerpuff girls, Powerpuff girls - elokuva, Meninas Superpoderosas - O Filme, Film des super nanas, Chicas superpoderosas, Superchicche - Il film, Chicas superpoderosas: La pelicula

In the city of Townsville, the frustrated Professor Utonium is gathering all the ingredients to make a perfect little girl (sugar, spice, and everything nice). But when his lab assitant, a monkey named Jojo, causes the accidental addition of Chemical X to the mix, the Professor ends up with not one but 3 perfect, powerful little girls. It soon becomes obvious that Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are not normal girls, they have superpowers and have not yet learned to control. The girls are treated like outcasts because they have inadvertently wrecked Townsville in a superpowered game of tag. To win the hearts of the people of Townsville, the girls are tricked into making a deal with Jojo who plans to take over Townsville. As the girls foil this threat and defeat an army of superpowered monkeys, the Powerpuff Girls learn that with great power comes great responsibility.

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