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Support Your Local Gunfighter was released in the year 1971。Support Your Local Gunfighter is also called as Varokaa revolverisankaria, Tueur malgré lui, Pistoleiro Precisa-se, o Pistoleiro, Infallibile pistolero strabico, Latigo

James Garner plays a ladies' man who ends up on the run from a conquest. He has an embarrassing problem that requires a doctor, but that is not immediately disclosed. He and a town barsweep form a plot to impersonate a well known gunfighter so that Garner can pay off his debts and skip town before the soon to come arrival of the real gunfighter. The cast is almost identical to Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969) and the humor is similar. Typical: "You hit him from behind!" Garner: "Just as hard as I could!"

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