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Svart extas was released in the year 1943。Svart extas is also called as Cabin in the Sky, Chatka w niebie, Due cuori in cielo, Häuschen im Himmel, Hytten i himlen, Cabaña en el cielo, Tupa taivaassa, Um Lugar no Céu, Un petit coin aux cieux

In this musical, Little Joe, an inveterate gambler, promises his wife Petunia he'll reform and confess his sins at church, but he slips out the side door to play craps at the Paradise club; he's shot and brought home with a mortal wound. Petunia offers powerful prayers, and Joe gets a six-month reprieve. Heaven's forces, led by the General, and those below, led by Lucifer Jr., try to pull Joe their way. Lucifer Jr. has a not-so-secret weapon, the sultry Georgia Brown, and his idea men cook up a great scheme to win Joe's soul. The General has Joe's good intentions and Petunia's inventiveness. Will she and Joe reach their cabin in the sky?

Svart extas Actors and Actresses

Svart extas actors and actresses include Duke Ellington, Lena Horne

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