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Take Her, She's Mine(1963) Images

Take Her, She's Mine was released in the year 1963。Take Her, She's Mine is also called as Villikkotyttäreni, hun er min, Tag hende, Prendila è mia, In Liebe eine Eins!, In Liebe eine 1, Ah! Si papa savait ça

Jimmy Stewart plays a cautious father to Sandra Dee, who is going off to college. He gets so worried that she is doing things that she's not supposed to be doing, that he tracks her down at her school, and then tracks her down in Europe. What's even worse is that he has to explain his actions to the members of a school board regents in order to keep his job on that board.

Take Her, She's Mine Actors and Actresses

Take Her, She's Mine actors and actresses include Bob Denver, James Brolin, Jim Nabors

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