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Tequila Sunrise - vaarallinen sekoitus was released in the year 1988。Tequila Sunrise - vaarallinen sekoitus is also called as Tequila Sunrise, Intriga ao Amanhecer, Tequila connection, Conspiração Tequila, Connexió tequila, Conexión tequila, Traición al amanecer, Tequila Sunrise - Eine gefährliche Mischung

Mac Mckussic is an unlikely drug dealer who wants to go straight. His old and best friend Nick Frescia is now a cop who is assigned to investigate and bring him to justice. Mac is very attracted to Jo Ann, the owner of a stylish restaurant. Nick gets close to Jo Ann attempting to know more about Mac's drug dealing plans and his connections with the Mexican dealer Carlos, who the police believe is coming to town to meet with him. Nick also falls for Jo Ann's charms and his friendship with Mac is in danger.

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