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Tequila: The Movie was released in the year 2003。

Tequila, centers on Mike, an overly confident upstart, who lives a charmed life with a successful Internet business, a loving girlfriend (Natasha), and three long time friends (Noel, Jason, and Tien). Flash forward five years later and we discover that fate has intervened leaving Mike s life in shambles. Natasha is gone and he is bitterly regretting having hired his close friend, Jason, an emotional and lost soul. Noel has disappeared into married life and Tien is deep in search of himself. With external pressures crushing him, Mike resorts to drinking heavily and begins experiencing delusions of his past and possible future. On the night of Tien return, the four friends gather once again to celebrate Tien wedding engagement. What happens next challenges our notions of true friendship, love, deceit, and revenge.

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