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Terror del Oeste(1939) Images

Terror del Oeste was released in the year 1939。Terror del Oeste is also called as The Oklahoma Kid, Terrore dell'Ovest, Terreur à l'ouest, Oklahoman sankari, Hævneren fra Oklahoma, A Lei do Mais Forte, Oklahoma Kid

McCord's gang robs the stage carrying money to pay Indians for their land, and the notorious outlaw "The Oklahoma Kid" Jim Kincaid takes the money from McCord. McCord stakes a "sooner" claim on land which is to be used for a new town; in exchange for giving it up he gets control of gambling and saloons. When Kincaid's father runs for mayor, McCord incites a mob to lynch the old man whom McCord has already framed for murder..

Terror del Oeste Actors and Actresses

Terror del Oeste actors and actresses include Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, Ward Bond

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