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Terror in the Wax Museum was released in the year 1973。Terror in the Wax Museum is also called as Terror i vaxkabinettet, Terror im Wachsmuseum, Manichino assassino, Kauhujen kammio, Bucklige vom Horror-Kabinett, Terror en el museo de cera

From director Georg Fenady (who made the all-star horror spoof "Arnold" that same year), this is a rehash of old movies, starring Ray Milland ("The Uninvited") as the sculptor and manager of a mysterious wax museum. Great supporting cast includes Patric Knowles ("The Wolf Man"), Louis Hayward ("Son of Dracula"), Elsa Lanchester ("Bride of Frankenstein"), Broderick Crawford ("All the King's Men") and Maurice Evans ("Bewitched"). This was John Carradine's 415th movie! You can see the wax figures breathing.

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