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Tervetuloa nukketaloon was released in the year 1995。Tervetuloa nukketaloon is also called as Welcome to the Dollhouse, Middle Child, Mi vida es mi vida, Isten hozott a babaházban, Fuga dalla scuola media, Faggots and Retards, Bienvenue dans l'âge ingrat, Bienvenido a la casa de muñecas, Bem-Vindo à Casa de Bonecas

Seventh-grade is no fun. Especially for Dawn Weiner when everyone at school calls you 'Dog-Face' or 'Wiener-Dog.' Not to mention if your older brother is 'King of the Nerds' and your younger sister is a cutesy ballerina who gets you in trouble but is your parents' favorite. And that's just the beginning--her life seems to be falling apart when she faces rejection from the older guy in her brother's band that she has a crush on, her parents want to tear down her 'Special People's Club' clubhouse, and her sister is abducted....

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