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Testa o croce(1961) Images

Testa o croce was released in the year 1961。Testa o croce is also called as The George Raft Story, Spin of a Coin, Gangstereiden vallassa, Cara o cruz, Tanzende Gangster

Dancer George Raft (Ray Danton) finds himself involved with the criminal underworld. After a conflict with gangster boss Frank Donatella (Joe de Santis), he is exiled to Hollywoood, where he wins a role in the film "Scarface" and becomes famous. He lives with actress Lisa Lang (Jayne Mansfield) in a huge villa, but when his mother dies, he deserts her. His career slides downhill until he is offered a part in "Some Like it Hot" and becomes famous again.

Testa o croce Actors and Actresses

Testa o croce actors and actresses include Frank Gorshin, Jayne Mansfield, Julie London

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