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The Accidental Husband was released in the year 2008。

Radio sensation Dr. Emma Lloyd and her publisher/fianc?? Michael thought getting a license to wed in New York would be easier than getting a drivera??s license. After all, therea??s no tests--written or blood--they were both over 18, and they werena??t related. All they needed to do was show up together at city hall, fork over the fee, and be done with it. Right? Wrong--Emmaa??s already married! Oops. Can someone accidentally forget they have a husband? Certainly not the perfectly practical, never-make-a-misstep Dr. Emma Lloyd, a.k.a. "The Love Doctor." Certainly not New Yorka??s very own guru of relationships, and author of the hot self-help book, R.E.A.L Love. But when Emma carelessly dispenses some of her "chicken soup for the heart" over the Big Applea??s airwaves, and a faithful listener takes her advice, Fireman Patrick Sullivan suddenly has his love life extinguished. Now Patrick wants to get even, and after reading about the good doctora??s impending nuptials in the newspaper, he puts together the perfect recipe for sweet revenge: Just take one know-it-all talk show host, one angry New York City fireman, one computer whiz who can hack into city hall, and presto! Emma cana??t get married because she already is--to Patrick!

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