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The Alibi was released in the year 2006。The Alibi is also called as Lies and Alibis, Lies & Alibis, Coartada, Allothi

Ray Elliot helps people cheat on their spouses by arranging iron-clad alibis for a price. About the time he hires a new assistant, Lola, he learns there's a $5 million contract out on Jack McAdam, his former partner; and, his first and longest-running client wants him to set up a weekend for his son, who's about to marry. When the son's illicit tryst goes terribly awry, Ray has more than his share of problems: police, a jealous boyfriend, angry clients, a polygamist hitman, a coroner's assistant, and various wives converge to put Ray in danger. Can Lola be trusted? What about human nature?

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