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The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse was released in the year 1938。The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse is also called as Doppelleben des Dr. Clitterhouse, Dobbeltmennesket Dr. Clitterhouse, Dr. Clitterhouse, Gênio do Crime, Megalofyis parafron, Mystérieux docteur Clitterhouse, Mystiske doktor Clitterhouse, Salaisia voimia

Dr. Clitterhouse is fascinated with the working of the criminal mind. His interest is so deep that he finds the best way to observe criminals in action is to become one himself! Whilst robbing a safe at an exclusive party he stumbles across an organized gang trying to the same thing. He teams up with the gang to observe them in action but one of the members, Rocks Valentine would like nothing better than to see Clitterhouse out of the way.

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