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The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela(2008) Images

The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela was released in the year 2008。

Raqulea is a poor ladyboy prostitute who dreams of escaping to Paris, France to supposedly find her knight on Champ's Elysee to marry and have a family. Being a Filipino she has little chance of getting a VISA needing someone from the west to be responsible for her application. When Raquela is discovered by a photographer she gets a job working as a webcam host on a popular ladyboy website. Within six weeks she becomes the first Filipino pornstar earning ten times the average salary in The Philippines. Wanting to escape she tries heticly over the internet to find that special guy resulting in being stood-up month after month at the airport. Things change when she meets Valery on-line, the only ladyboy in Iceland looking for friendship who promises to help Raquela with her VISA so she can take a walk in Paris.

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