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The Andromeda Strain(1971) Images

The Andromeda Strain was released in the year 1971。The Andromeda Strain is also called as Hotet, Andromeda-truselen, apostoli akros aporritos, Andromeda znaczy smierc, Andromeda uhkaa, Andromeda - Tödlicher Staub aus dem All, Androméda-törzs, Amenaza de Andrómeda

A U.S. Army satellite (Scoop VII) falls to earth near Piedmont, New Mexico. The recovery team experiences difficulties as it becomes clear that the satellite has performed its intended function all too well, and has brought back something from space. A team of scientists is assembled in a high-tech, underground facility to identify and defeat the "enemy" before it is too late.

The Andromeda Strain Actors and Actresses

The Andromeda Strain actors and actresses include Michael Crichton

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