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The Best of Everything was released in the year 1959。The Best of Everything is also called as Alle meine Träume, Apokryfa tis Neas Yorkis, Donne in cerca d'amore, Alla mina drömmar, Mujeres frente al amor, Paras kaikista, Tre kontorpiger i New York, Kaikki unelmani

Amanda Farrow is a waspish, hard edged editor in a paperback publishing house. Jaded and embittered, she is involved in a disappointing affair with a married man and tends to take out her frustrations on the girls under her charge, including Gregg Adams, an aspiring actress who is involved with a Broadway stage director, David Savage, and an ambitious young secretary Caroline Bender, who has just been jilted by her boyfriend and has turned to one of the editors, Mike Rice, for consolation. April Morrison is a young typist who is seduced by rich playboy Dexter Key and soon finds herself pregnant and abandoned by her unsympathetic lover.

The Best of Everything Actors and Actresses

The Best of Everything actors and actresses include Hope Lange, Martha Hyer

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