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The Big Clock was released in the year 1948。The Big Clock is also called as Grande horloge, Horloge fatale, Kohtalon kello, Moordende klok, Allothi tou dolofonou, Spiel mit dem Tode, Stora klockan, Store ur, Tempo si &#232, Reloj asesino

When powerful publishing tycoon Earl Janouth commits an act of murder at the height of passion, he cleverly begins to cover his tracks and frame an innocent man, whose identity he doesn't know, but who just happen to have contact with the murder victim. That man is a close associate on his magazine whom he enlists to trap this "killer" George Stroud. It's up to George to continue to "help" Janouth, to elude the police and to find proof of his innocence and Janouth's guilt.

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