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The Bourne Supremacy was released in the year 2004。The Bourne Supremacy is also called as Supremacía de Bourne, Sti skia ton kataskopon, Mito de Bourne, Medusan isku, Bournùv mýtus, A Supremacia Bourne, A Bourne-csapda, Mort dans la peau, Bourne Verschwörung

When a CIA operation to purchase classified Russian documents is blown by a rival agent--who then shows up in the sleepy seaside village where Bourne (Damon) and Marie (Potente) have been living under assumed names--the pair collapse their lives and head out. Bourne, who promised retaliation should anyone from his former life attempt contact, is forced to once again take up his life as a trained assassin to survive.

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