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The Brady Bunch Movie was released in the year 1995。The Brady Bunch Movie is also called as Rokkaava Bradyn perhe, Bradys klarar skivan!, Bradyjeva klapa, Brady Family, A Família Sol

Picks up the Brady clan and plops them down in the 1990s, with their original naivete intact. Mr. Dittmeyer, the Brady's next door neighbor, is in charge of acquiring land for a new residential mini-mall, and the Bradys are the last hold-outs on selling their land. Unbeknownst to the Bradys, Dittmeyer has also been receiving, and concealing, their mail, which includes overdue notices on property taxes. $20,000 is necessary to save the Brady house from auction, and when the kids find out, they secretly go about raising money to save the homestead.

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