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The Breakfast Club was released in the year 1985。The Breakfast Club is also called as Klub sniadaniowy, Frühstücksclub, Clube dos Cinco, Brekkariklubi, Club de los cinco, Breakfast Club

"The Breakfast Club" Clair Standish "the princess" John Bender "the criminal" Allison Reynolds "the basket case" Andrew Clark "the jock" Brian Jhonson "the brain" Five strangers from five diffrent cliques that have nothing in common but that they have to sacrifice a whole saturday in detention for whatever it was they did wrong Clair skipped class to go shopping Bender pulled the fire alarm Brian had a flair gun in his locker that went off andrew tapped larrys buns togather to try and impress his father and allison had nothing better to do. They were five strangers but by the end of the movie they had poured their heart and sould out to one another they were five strangers who became best friends they were five strangers but they were and always will be "The Breakfast Club"!

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