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The Brown Bunny(2003) Images

The Brown Bunny was released in the year 2003。The Brown Bunny is also called as Brown Bunny

It's the story of one man's tragic loss of the love of his life. He is Bud Clay, and he races motorcycles. He rides in the 250cc Formula II class of road racing. Around and around he goes, repeating laps over and over until the race is over. The story begins with Bud racing in New Hampshire. His next race is in California in five days, and so his cross-country journey begins. Every day, Bud is haunted by the same memories of the last time he saw his true love. He will do anything to make those memories disappear, and every day he tries to find a new love, making outrageous requests of women to come with him on his trip and then leaving them behind after they've agreed. He can't replace Daisy, the only woman he's ever loved and the only woman he will ever love, but every day he tries.

The Brown Bunny Actors and Actresses

The Brown Bunny actors and actresses include Cheryl Tiegs, Chloë Sevigny, Vincent Gallo

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