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The Château was released in the year 2001。The Château is also called as Château, Maggiordomo del castello

When two American brothers, Graham and Allen Granville, learn that they have inherited a chateau in France, they cannot believe their luck. However, when they arrive, the brothers find themselves completely ill-equipped to communicate with the chateau's staff (even with the help of a pocket dictionary). With no hope of paying off the chateau's enormous debt, the pair are forced to sell the chateau, leaving a bewildered staff resorting to desperate and hilarious measures to keep their home. Through a series of comedic misunderstandings, the film's stars not only uncover they're not as distant from the staff as they might think, they also discover something about the importance of family.

The Château Actors and Actresses

The Château actors and actresses include Donal Logue, Romany Malco, Sylvie Testud

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