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The Dreamers was released in the year 2003。The Dreamers is also called as Meocnebeni, Tr&#22, The dreamers - I sognatori, Sonhadores, Soñadores, Paris '68, Innocents - The dreamers, Dreamers

The tumultuous political landscape of Paris in 1968 serves as the backdrop for a tale about three young cineastes who are drawn together through their passion for film. Matthew, an American exchange student, pursuing his education abroad in Paris, becomes friends with a French brother and sister duo, named Theo and Isabelle, who share a common love of the cinema. While the May 1968 Paris student riots--which eventually shut down most of the French government--are happening around them, the three friends develop a relationship unlike anything Matthew has ever experienced, or will ever encounter again.

The Dreamers Actors and Actresses

The Dreamers actors and actresses include Anna Chancellor, Eva Green, François Truffaut

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