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The Dresser(1983) Images

The Dresser was released in the year 1983。The Dresser is also called as Ungleiches Paar, Sombra del actor, Servo di scena, Pukija, Påklæderen, Habilleur, Garderobiany, Fiel Camareiro, Companheiro

In a touring Shakespearean theater group, a backstage hand - the dresser, is devoted to the brilliant but tyrannical head of the company. He struggles to support the deteriorating star as the company struggles to carry on during the London blitz. The pathos of his backstage efforts rival the pathos in the story of Lear and the Fool that is being presented on-stage, as the situation comes to a crisis.

The Dresser Actors and Actresses

The Dresser actors and actresses include Albert Finney, Eileen Atkins, Tom Courtenay

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