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The Facts of Life was released in the year 1960。The Facts of Life is also called as Voulez-vous pêcher avec moi?, So eine Affäre, Kommelluksia kerrakseen, Jogo Proibido do Amor, Forandring fryder, Adulterio difficile

Bob Hope and Lucille Ball heat things up as two romantic couples. But they are each married to different people! They really DO love each other. At the beginning Kitty (Lucille Bal) thinks Larry (Bob Hope) is un-funny, unendurable, and unrelenting. Larry thinks Kitty is just plain dull. Then three couples cancel their trip. Kitty and Larry are ALONE! At the hotel they go under the silly names of Mr.George Washington and Mrs Martha Washington. Then they fall in love while going fishing. When Kitty caught her first fish she kissed Larry. Kitty and Larry started to spend a lot of time together. Then Kitty writes her husband a letter telling him that she wants Larry, not him. Then Kitty and Larry get into a big fight. They both see that they are making a big mistake. They thought it wasn't right to have an affair at their age (they were middle aged).

The Facts of Life Actors and Actresses

The Facts of Life actors and actresses include Lucille Ball, Mike Mazurki

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