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The Farmer was released in the year 1977。The Farmer is also called as Reduce, Motivos para matar, Blodig återkomst, Blazing Revenge

Kyle Martin (Gary Conway) returns as a silver star hero, but realizes running a one man farm is not profitable, and the bank wants to foreclose, despite returning as a hero. Then a gambler Johnny (Michael Dante) has a car accident near his farm, in which Kyle saves his life, in which Johnny offers him 1,5000 dollars, which still isn't enough to save the farm. Then when Johnny past-post on a horse race for over $50,000, angering local mobster Prassini (George Memmoli) as he and his 3 henchmen kills Johnny's bodyguard and then blinds Johnny's eyes with acid to "make a example out of him", Johnny asks his girl Betty (Angel Thompkins) to ask Kyle to kill Prassini and his men one by one for $50,000, the money he needs to save his farm, which sets the path for revenge.

The Farmer Actors and Actresses

The Farmer actors and actresses include George Memmoli, Sonny Shroyer

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