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The Girl in a Swing(1988) Images

The Girl in a Swing was released in the year 1988。The Girl in a Swing is also called as Geheimnis der Schaukel, Mädchen auf der Schaukel, Pigen i gyngen, Ragazza sull'altalena, Tyttö keinussa

A London art broker goes to Copenhagen where he requires the services of a secretary fluent in Danish, English, and German. He falls deeply in love with the woman, despite the fact that he knows virtually nothing about her. She insists on not being married in a church, and after they are married, some bad things from her past begin surfacing in subtly supernatural ways, and he must find the best way to deal with them without destroying their relationship.

The Girl in a Swing Actors and Actresses

The Girl in a Swing actors and actresses include Meg Tilly

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