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The Great Jewel Robber(1950) Images

The Great Jewel Robber was released in the year 1950。The Great Jewel Robber is also called as Spøgelsestyven, Bandito galante, Juwelenraub um Mitternacht

Escaping from a Canadian prison farm, master thief Gerard Dennis (David Brian) makes his way to Buffalo with Peggy Arthur (Perdita Chandler), who supplies him with money needed for forged papers. Dennis, Peggy and a crooked bartender in a Buffalo hotel pull a robbery in which Dennis is almost caught, but he escapes to find his accomplices have deserted him. Later, confronting them, he is badly beaten and is taken to a hospital where he meets nurse Martha Rollins (Marjorie Reynolds), who falls in love with him. They go to New Rochelle where he is wounded attempting another robbery. Martha performs the necessary surgery, believing that he will give up his life of crime. When she finds him in New York with another girl, Martha gives the police his picture and hideout location, but he escapes the police trap. He flees to Los Angeles where he meets wealthy divorcee Mrs. Arthur Vinson (Jacqueline De Wit), whose confidence he wins in order to systematically rob her society friends' jewels.

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