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The Harrad Experiment was released in the year 1973。The Harrad Experiment is also called as College, Eroottiset leikit yliopistossa, Harrad-experimentet

At Harrad College, where controversial coed living situations are established, the students are forced to confront their sexuality in ways that society previously shunned. Part of the experiment is to pair incompatible members of the opposite sex as roommates in order to make them shun the traditional concept of monogamy. The film's primary two "couples" are the sex-crazed Stanley (Don Johnson) and ultra-timid Sheila (Laurie Walters), and insecure Harry (Bruno Kirby) and liberated Beth (Victoria Thompson). In charge of the "experiment" are Prof. Philip Tenhausen (James Whitmore) and his wife, Margaret ('Tippi' Hedren), who seem to enjoy the tension they instigate, as well as the graphic sexual episodes that unfold. 'Tippi's' 14-year-old daughter Melanie Griffith was an extra. Based on Robert Rimmer's best-selling book. Followed by a 1974 sequel "Harrad Summer."

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