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The Hot Spot was released in the year 1990。The Hot Spot is also called as Zona ca, The Hot Spot - il posto caldo, The Hot Spot - Spiel mit dem Feuer, Loc fierbinte, Labios ardientes, Hot Spot - kuumat paikat, Hot Spot - Um Local Muito Quente, Forró nyomon, Ardente Sedução

A loner (Johnson) drives into a small Texas town and gets himself a job at a used car dealership. He gets an idea for robbing a small local bank after he tries to open a new bank account at the same time a fire occurs nearby. The bank was left open while all of the employees went to fight the fire. The manipulative boss' wife (Madsen) wishes to use him for her own purposes - "I always get what I want, Harry". He resists, however, as he finds himself falling in love with the accountant (Connelly) at work, who has her own problem to work out.

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